HTML Basic

In this tutorial, You learn about html basic tags which help in making web pages, and some basic html tags are used in every web page from basic html web pages to the fully functional pages.

Are you new to html? Not knowledge about what is html then I recommend you to visit html Introduction post and then come back it helps you to understand easy because in the intro part I cover basic html tags, elements and create the first web page.

HTML basic

Below I shared html basic in which you learn basic html tags follow -

doctype html 

document type declaration is appeared or written always on top of the web page. doctype is Not case-sensitive. In HTML5 declared as - 

<!DOCTYPE html>

html -

HTML tag shows the starting point <html> and </html> show the endpoint. It contains head and body tags.

head - 

head tag contains all metadata information in it. head starts with <head> and end with </head>  


All the visible parts like heading, paragraphs, and image, etc. which we see on the web page are present in it. It also has start <body> and </body> end tag.

Now Below you learn different basic html tags that we use in head and body tags - 

head tag

<title> Tag

A title tag is used to add the title of the web page. The content or name of title present between title tag sets as a title. 

  First Webpage

<meta> Tag

A meta tag is used to define meta information of the web page. Metadata is not visible but it is used. It contains information like viewport, keywords, meta description which help you to find your web page on a search engine.

<meta name="keywords" content="HTML5, HTML, Metatags " />
<meta name="description" content="Learn basic about meta tags in html" />

body tag

<h1> Tag-

Heading tag is used to gives heading to paragraphs and to make headings. html headings have 6 heading tags types h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 tag. In the upcoming tutorial, we will see each in detail. 

<h1>First Web Page</h1>

<p> Tag-

When you need to write a paragraph then use the paragraph tag or <p> tag. p tag always starts with the new line and p tag gives the proper margin to content.

This paragraph is used
to show the p tag in html.

Simple HTML Template Code

Below I shared Simple HTML template code in which I cover almost all tags which we have to describe above.

<!DOCTYPE html>
			First Web Page
  <h1>First Heading</h1>
  <p>First Paragraph</p>

Simple HTML Template Page

html basic template


Now I think you have understood html basic tags and its uses. In the upcoming tutorial, I will share the details description of each tag.

If you have any doubts in the above article feel free to ask in the comment box below.

Happy Coding 😊

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