C Programs

Here you find c programs with explanations from basic, loops, print series, array, functions, recursion, etc.

C programs are basic for B.Tech first-year students and also in BCA. It is very difficult for first-year students to understand concepts like an array, functions, pointers, and string, etc. So, here you can find C programs.

C programs


  1. Arithmetic Operators
  2. Days into Years, Weeks & Days
  3. Find The Grade Obtained by Reading Marks of Student
  4. Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius & Vice Versa
  5. Swap Program
  6. Compound Interest

If, If-Else, Nested If-Else, Else-If Ladder, Switch-Case

  1. Leap Year Program
  2. Armstrong Number
  3. Even or Odd Program
  4. Greatest Number Program
  5. Weekdays Program
  6. HCF Program in C
  7. Leap Year List

    While, Do-While, For, Break, Continue, Nested For Loops

    1. Fibonacci Series
    2. Power of a Number Program
    3. Factorial of a Number
    4. Reverse a Number
    5. Sum of Individual Digits in C
    6. Prime Number
    7. Palindrome Number
    8. Prime Numbers between Two Numbers
    9. Multiplication Table Program in C using For Loop

    Print Series

    1. S = 1 – 3 + 5 – 7 + 9 … N
    2. S = -2+9-28+65- … N



    1. Reverse Numbers in Array
    2. Count Number of Positive, Negative & Zero
    3. Maximum and Minimum of Numbers in Array
    4. Sorting in Ascending and Descending Order
    5. Searching Number in Array
    6. Matrix Addition in C
    7. Matrix Multiplication in C
    8. Transpose of Matrix in C
    9. Mirror Image of Matrix in C
    10. Sum of Row in Matrix in C


    1. Menu driven program for arithmetic operations using functions
    2. Factorial of a given number using call by value
    3. Swap two numbers using functions (call by value and call by reference)
    4. Armstrong number using function
    5. Reverse a number using function


    1. Factorial of a number using recursion

    Many More Coming Soon 😊

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