C Programs

C Programs

C programs
C language is a powerful general-purpose and high-level programming language that was developed by Dennis M. Ritchie in 1972 to develop the UNIX operating system. It can be used to develop software like operating systems, databases, compilers, and etc.C programs are basic for B.Tech first-year students and also in BCA. It is very difficult for first-year students to understand concepts like an array, functions, pointers, and string, etc. So, here I can share the C program examples list. 


  1. Arithmetic Operators
  2. Days into Years, Weeks & Days
  3. Find The Grade Obtained by Reading Marks of Student
  4. Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius & Vice Versa
  5. Swap Program
  6. Compound Interest

If, If-Else, Nested If-Else, Else-If Ladder, Switch-Case

  1. Leap Year Program
  2. Armstrong Number
  3. Even or Odd Program
  4. Greatest Number Program
  5. Weekdays Program
  6. HCF Program in C
  7. Leap Year List

    While, Do-While, For, Break, Continue, Nested For Loops

    1. Fibonacci Series
    2. Power of a Number Program
    3. Factorial of a Number
    4. Reverse a Number
    5. Sum of Individual Digits in C
    6. Prime Number
    7. Palindrome Number
    8. Prime Numbers between Two Numbers
    9. Multiplication Table Program in C using For Loop

    Print Series

    1. S = 1 – 3 + 5 – 7 + 9 … N
    2. S = -2+9-28+65- … N



    1. Reverse Numbers in Array
    2. Count Number of Positive, Negative & Zero
    3. Maximum and Minimum of Numbers in Array
    4. Sorting in Ascending and Descending Order
    5. Searching Number in Array
    6. Matrix Addition in C
    7. Matrix Multiplication in C
    8. Transpose of Matrix in C
    9. Mirror Image of Matrix in C
    10. Sum of Row in Matrix in C


    1. Menu driven program for arithmetic operations using functions
    2. Factorial of a given number using call by value
    3. Swap two numbers using functions (call by value and call by reference)
    4. Armstrong number using function
    5. Reverse a number using function


    1. Factorial of a number using recursion

    Many More Coming Soon 😊

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