Best Android C Compiler (GCC) - Run C/C++ Program on Android

In this tutorial, we know about best android c compiler and also c++ compiler. This guide focuses on how to install different c compiler for android to compile C/C++ program. I have listed the two most famous offline android c compiler app free to run c/c++ program on android platforms.

CPPDroid – C/C++ IDE

C compiler is a great android c compiler application to run and c compiler for android/CPP compiler for android. CPPDroid is a simple yet complete C compiler and IDE apk that helps to learn to program. This app requires a total of 150 MB of internal memory storage space.

Best C/C++ Compiler (GCC) for Android - Run C/C++ Program on Android
CPPDroid – C/C++ IDE

Other advantages of the CPPDroid app is that it provides c programming examples and tutorials within it which helps to understand and learn c programming efficiently. It is also an 
offline c compiler for android.

Features of CPPDroid Android APK

  1. Automatic Code Completion Tool
  2. Landscape/Portrait UI
  3. Syntax Highlighter
  4. Proper Warnings, Errors, and Solutions
  5. Dropbox support 
  6. Google Drive support
  7. Themes for UI
  8. Run, Compile C/C++ Programs without Root
  9. Offline Compiler
  10. C/C++ Code Example and Tutorials
  11. Auto Updates and Additional Plugins
  12. Automatic Indentations

C4Droid 7.00 apk – C/C++ Compiler and IDE

C4Droid 7.00 free apk android to complete c/c++ compiler app which provides facilities like coding, compile, run and save c/c++ programs in android smartphones and it is an offline application. There is no need for an active internet connection to compile c programs. It is basically an IDE that provides a built-in editor, compiler and other tools for programming.

Best C/C++ Compiler (GCC) for Android - Run C/C++ Program on Android
C4Droid – C/C++ Compiler and IDE
The latest version of C4Droid 7.00 apk free download. The recent version of C4droid android apk is available on google playstore for Rs. 149. However, there is a cracked and free version of the C4Droid android apk. You will get it in this article.

Two different plugins to be installed with this C4Droid android apk are:

  1. SDL Plugin is also available on google playstore for free and size of 644k. SDL plugin helps in making an effective user interface to work with this apk.
  2. GCC Compiler Plugin is available on google playstore for free and size varies with devices. GCC compiler is a universal compiler to compile c/c++ programs. Now, it is available on your android phones as well for free of cost.

Features of C4Droid Android apk are: 

  1. Offline C Compiler
  2. Syntax Highlighter
  3. Automatic Code Completion
  4. Export & share your programs as APK or binaries 
  5. Debugger with breakpoints and watches
  6. Automatic Indentations
  7. SDL, SDL2, Qt Support for GUI
  8. No Root required
  9. Complete ANSI C and ISO C99 Support
  10. Customizable GUI
  11. Themes Support
  12. GIT Integration

Free Download C4Droid Android APK

You need to download and install both this GCC Plugin and SDL Plugin in order to install C4Droid 7.00 apk free download and here I shared complete steps to download c compiler for android.

Note: Comment below if you are facing any difficulty to download and install 
best C/C++ compiler (GCC)- Run C/C++ program on android.
Happy Coding!! 🙂 

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