Kth Largest Element in Array

In this example, You learn about c++ program to find kth largest element in array.

Here you learn program to find kth largest element in C++, This problem you see on competitive programming websites like leetcode, hackerrank, etc.
kth largest element in an array


In this program, we simply use pre-built function to sort the array of n elements using sort function present in <algorithm> header file but it sort the elements  in ascending order. So, To sort in descending order we use third arguments greater<int>() function it was sort in descending order, then we return K-1 element because our array indexing was start from "0".

C++ Program to kth Largest Element in an Array

#include <algorithm>
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int kthLargest(int arr[], int n, int k);
// Driver program to test above methods
int main()
    int k, arr[] = { 32, 23, 15, 14, 43 };
    int n = sizeof(arr) / sizeof(arr[0]);
    cout<<"Enter the value K"<<endl;
    cout<<"K'th largest element is " << kthLargest(arr, n, k);
    return 0;

int kthLargest(int arr[], int n, int k)
    sort(arr, arr + n,  greater<int>()); //Sort the Array using pre-built sorting function and greater<int>() to sort in descending order.
    return arr[k - 1]; // Return k'th Largest element in the sorted array

Enter the value K
K'th largest element is 23
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