How to Install Chrome in Linux [ Redhat8 ]

In this tutorial, You'll learn to install chrome Linux. 

Install Chrome Linux

Google Chrome is a fast, secure, and easy-to-use web browser. Chrome is the world's most powerful web browser. Google chrome is not available in the RedHat software center. You won't find it there. 

We use RedHat8 in this tutorial to properly install chrome. As we know that RHEL 8 comes with a Firefox browser by default it which has a great experience but some users comfortable with google chrome. Now, you'll learn to download and Install chrome using Command-Line.

Install Chrome using Command Line

The good thing about RedHat is they have GUI. Sometimes it easy to the basic task but if you are a completely new Linux user then it is difficult for you. So, I will share steps with images that helping you to make installation easy. 

Prerequisite:  Connect to proper working Internet.

  1. You have to go on the official google chrome website and download the google chrome RPM package click here ↗
    install chrome linux
    install chrome ubuntu

  2. Use GUI software install application to install Chrome directly after download. Follow the instruction in the dialog box to complete the installation process. 
    chrome for linux

  3. Now Open the terminal and go to download the location using cd to check the file present or not.
  4. If you see the highlighted output above, that clearly told that google chrome is available in the repository.
  5. Switch user to root using a switch user command i.e. su and let’s install it using the yum command as shown below, which will automatically install all the needed dependencies.
    google chrome linux
    # cd Downloads/
    # ls
    # yum install google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm
  6. Start the Google Chrome browser from the command line: google-chrome or find it in Activities of RedHat.
    # google-chrome
In this tutorial, You learn to install chrome Linux. we use RedHat8 as a Linux distribution because google chrome is not present in the software center. I hope you enjoy this article.

If you have any doubts, Please let me know

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