20 Best Programming Books Every Programmer Must Read in 2021

Are You looking for the best programming books. Here the best books are divided into sections according to languages because learning coding is varied on what programming language you are used to learning to code.

Best Programming Books

Programming is a mind sport and the art of creating solutions for real-world problems in all fields because computers are now in all areas of work. It programmer's responsibility to provides the best experience.

Reading books develops our human weapons i.e. the human brain and regular reading trains our brain and makes us a better programmer.

Although coding is the next step after programming, coding involves writing the code in programming languages. There are so many amazing coding books and computer science books for university and professional developers to improve skills, implement projects, and solve hands-on challenges and classic mathematical puzzles. 

From these best programming books, You not only learn about the syntax of programming languages but books make you a good problem solver, able to write good, clean, and structured code which helps you to become a better competitive programmer.

There are so many books are there for programmers but not enough time to read and find the best books. Below there is the list of best programming books that wouldn't increase your technical skills and make you a good problem solver but also give some value.

So, here are the best programming books for every programmer:
  1. C Programming Language

    The book was written by 
    Brian Willis Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie. The book includes content from the inventors of the C language. C programming language contents core programming level concepts like function, arrays, loops, etc. properly. Also solved and unsolved questions exercise which help student or learner to check and analyze your understanding, skill-testing and knowledge. 
  2. Practical C 

    The full name of the book is Practical C Programming: Why Does 2+2= 5986? was written by steve Oualline. The book focuses on style and debugging it describes how to create c programs that are easy to read, write, debug and update. Also, This book shows you how to avoid common confusions and write code that the programmer responsible for maintenance does not have to struggle with code.
  3. C Programming Absolute Beginner's Guide

    Are you looking for the best beginner guide to learn skills in the C language and apply learning skills with practically any language. The was written by Greg Perry and Dean Miller. The book helps you to comfortable with C. In this, you discovered free Windows and Linux tools for C programming. How to interact with users take input and perform operations on input data. How to manage data with arrays, pointers, and data structure. Also, how to save time, effort, and memory of the computer as efficiently as possible.
  4. Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++
    The book was written by Bjarne Stroustrup. The book includes content from the inventors of the C++ language. It is an introduction to programming include object-oriented and generic programming. It contains a solid introduction to C++ and is the most common use programming language in real-life software. The book for practitioners, the advanced students have gained new insight, guidance and also has been extensively used for self-study. 
  5. Modern C++ for Absolute Beginners 

    You have no prior programming experience and beginner who wish to learn c++ programming. This book helps you to learn C++ programming in a straightforward and friendly manner. It contains the basics of modern C++, a standard C++ library, and the C++11 to C++20 standard basic. You will learn C++20 features and compare them with previous versions of C++. Master in basic of smart pointers, templates, lambdas, inheritance, polymorphism, modules, etc.
  6. Python Crash Course:  A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming
    Python Crash Course is one of the best python language book in the world. The book was written by Eric Matthes. This book will help you learn python from the basics concept like variables, loops, lists, classes, etc. You learn about how to use powerful libraries of python like Matplotlib, Plotly, etc., and build graphs, visualize data and create web applications.
  7. Head First Python: A Brain-Friendly Guide
    Are looking for a python book that contains a visual learning format and hates text-heavy books then Head First Python is one of the book. This book is based on the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory to help you to grasp Python fundamentals and exploring database management, exception handling, and build your own web app.
  8. Effective java
    The book was written by Joshua Bloch. Effective Java is the best book to learn java programming. The book contains several chapters consists of a short, stand-alone essay that provides specific advice, insight into Java platform subtleties, and updated code examples. Also added many new chapters include the dedicated chapter to lambdas and streams.
  9. Head First Java
    The book contains a fun and interactive approach to understand the fundamentals of java programming. Also, help to understand difficult and advanced topics like threading, network sockets, and distributed programming with RMI. To make the task easier and remembering the book comes with numerous puzzles, striking visuals, mysterious problems. Very effective for visual learners. 
  10. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
    The best book for beginners to learn HTML and CSS. The book was written by Jon Duckett. The book is best for the visual learner because illustration and writing style makes it's easy to understand coding. 
  11. Eloquent JavaScript
    The book was written by Marijn Haverbeke. Eloquent JavaScript dives deep into the JavaScript language. This book helps you to understand the syntax of JavaScript, how to write effectively arrange code, learn object-oriented and functional programming, make basic web applications and understand the effective use of DOM and harness Node.js to build servers.
  12. Learning Php & MySQL 
    If you like to create dynamic websites and also work with databases. The book is perfect for newcomers and hobbyists. You can learn about the basics of Php language, how to work with MySQL Database, and also learn error handling, security, HTTP authentication, and etc.
  13. The Clean Coder 
    The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers written by Robert C. Martin. This book gives practical advice about everything from, estimating and coding to refactoring and testing. you'll learn about how to deal with conflict, handle unrelenting pressure, manage your time, how to work well and work clean, etc.
  14. Code Complete 
    The Code Complete consider a widely popular and best guide to programming. The book helps the developer to write better, clean, and pragmatic guidance. This book helps to stimulate your think and help to build high-quality code.
  15. The Pragmatic Programmer 
    The Pragmatic Programmer was written by David Thomas and Andrew Hunt. The book helps their client create better software and rediscover the joy of coding. You learn about writing flexible, dynamic, and adaptable code. If you are a beginner coder or experienced programmer you learn skills, develop habits and attitudes that form the foundation for long-term success.
  16. Think Like A Programmer 
    As the book name says how to think like a programmer, the book breaks down the way programmers tend to solve problems. You'll learn about how to split a big problems into small components to make them easier to solve, pick up the perfect data structure, and master in advance programming topics.
  17. Introduction to Algorithms 
    Introduction To Algorithm was written by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein. The book is accessible from all levels of readers. The book contains board range of algorithms in depth. This book was widely used by working professionals and universities.
  18. Cracking the Coding Interview 
    Cracking the Coding Interview was written by Gayle Laakmann McDowell. This book helps you through the coding interview process with brilliant algorithms on the spot.
  19. The book has 189 programming interview questions, from the basics problems to the trickiest algorithm problems with hints on how to solve each.
  20. Guide to Competitive Programming 
    Guide to Competitive Programming helps you to develops computational thinking and improve both programming and debugging skills. The book describes how to create efficient algorithms that can quickly process large data sets.  
  21. Soft Skills 
    Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual is a guide to a well-rounded, satisfying life as a technology professional. The book gives advice for important subjects like careers, relationships, personal finance, and productivity. 
In the above article, I have shared the 20 best programming books in 2021. This article on best programming books for the beginner to advanced coder or programmer and these books are widely used by software developers in their daily lives. Cover best books for python, cracking the coding interview, best C++ beginner guides, and much more. I hope you enjoy this article.

Happy Coding 😊

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