HTML Formatting - 15 Formatting Elements

In this tutorial, you'll learn about some HTML Formatting. Text formatting elements is the ability of HTML to improve text format according to their appearance. 

HTML formatting elements are some important pre-formatted elements that we can use to provide text format and the best part is this all formatting done without any piece code of CSS.  

HTML Formatting Elements

  1. Bold Text
  2. Italic Text
  3. Strong Text 
  4. Emphasized Text
  5. Underline Text
  6. Mark Text
  7. Subscript Text
  8. Superscript Text
  9. Big Text
  10. Small Text
  11. Delete Text
  12. Strike Text
  13. Insert Text
  14. Code Text
  15. Typewriter Text

Strong Text

Strong tag is used to bold and provides semantic importance to the text.

<strong>This is example of strong text</strong>

Bold Text

Bold is used to bold the text. Some tags work the same in the visualization of text but it deffer in importance.

<b>This is example of bold text</b>

Italic Text

Italic is used to display the text in italic.

<i>This is example of italic text</i>

Emphasized Text

It is used to show stress emphasis on text and Emphasized Element is similar to Italic element. Both are the same in visual but it provides semantic importance or italic not. 
<emp>This is example of emphasized text</emp>

Underline Text

As the name suggests it is used for display underline some part to text.

<u>This is example of underline text</u>

Mark Text

Sometimes you need to highlight some text in paragraphs. So at that time, you have to use a mark element and put your text inside opening and closing mark tags. 

<mark>This is example of mark text</mark>

Subscript Text

It is used to write text below the normal text with a small size. When you create a website related to mathematics or chemistry and have added the text at the base like that 10or H2o. 

<sub>This is example of subscript text</sub>

Superscript Text

It is used to write text above the normal text with a small size. When you have to add the text at the power like that 102
<sup>This is example of superscript text</sup>

Big Text

Big Element is used to increase the text with respect to other text.

<big>This is example of big text</big>

Small Text

Small Element is used to decrease the text with respect to other text.

<small>This is example of small text</small>

Delete Text

Delete element is used if you have to show that the data or text has been deleted.

<del>This is example of delete text</del>

Strike Text

When you have to use the striking or horizontal line over text then use strikethrough put the text in the opening and closing tag.
<strike>This is example of strike text</strike>

Insert Text

Insert Element represents the text is added to the document
<ins>This is example of insert text</ins>

Code Text

Code element is used commonly when you have to add source code.
<code>This is example of code text</code>

Typewriter Text

When you have show text like typewriter type text appearance.
<tt>This is example of typewriter text</tt>
HTML formatting Elements

In Above article, you learn about HTML formatting elements with examples. If you have any doubt please comment. 


If you have any doubts, Please let me know

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