Say Hello World! program in Python

Hello World Python

Python is a simple and powerful programming language in 2020. So, We provide here a simple hello world program in python below. In this, You don't require to include header files to use the print() function like C, C++, etc. 

Then you ask why we don't include or import header/library to use functions? 

The answer, In python we have curtain functions inbuilt functions and one of them is print(). Now, What print() function means it has a set of tasks which it will do you just need to call it. 

Questions arise in your mind can we define our own functions?
Yes, We can but we see it later tutorials.

You just have to open an IDLE or python interpreter to write code, but you ask "How to install IDLE or IDE in PC?" We see it later tutorials on this very soon which clears your all doubts. 
We start with python IDLE instead of Pycharm, anaconda, etc. because we start with basic to know about python.

The task is to print the entered string as it is to the output screen. So, we use print() function and braces "()" denotes argument written in this.
If you write the argument without a single quote symbol then it takes the argument as a variable. 
and if with a single quote symbol then it takes the argument as a string. 

 Python Hello World

Source Code:

print('"Hello, World!"')


"Hello, World!"

In the above article, we say python hello world and don't forget to share your experience in the comment box.

Happy Coding 😊

If you have any doubts, Please let me know

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