Advantages & Disadvantages of Object Oriented Programming - OOP

In this tutorial you learn about the advantages & disadvantages of Object Oriented Programming i.e. OOP. 

OOP has the following advantage/merits over the conventional programming approaches: 
  1. It models the real world well.
  2. With OOP, programs are easy to understand.
  3. OOP offers classes reusability. Already created classes can be reused without having to write again.
  4. OOP facilitates quick Development as parallel development of classes is possible.
  5. With OOP, the program is easier to test manage and maintain.
There is also some demerits/disadvantage of Object Oriented Programming:
  1. With OOP, classes tend to be overly generalized.
  2. The relation among classes become artificial at times.
  3. The OOP program design is tricky.
  4. Also one needs to do proper planning and a proper design for Object Oriented Programming.
  5. To Program with OOP, the Programmer needs proper skills such as design skills programming skills, thinking in terms of objects, etc.

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